The demand for paper in India is growing at 6-7 per cent per year, while other developed countries do not expect a growth more than 2 to 2.5%. The Indian Paper Industry is among the top 12 global players and is the fastest growing market in the world. On other side, due to new investments in writing and printing paper this segment in India is growing at 12 to 13% a year.


Indian Economy growing at the healthy growth rate of around 7.5% would certainly accelerate positive influence  on all the factors and demand for paper ought to increase at the faster rate. It is estimated, the  paper demand would grow at 7% to approx 28 million tonnes by 2025.


To face future challenges, the Indian Paper Industry has been focusing on repositioning of product lines, improving internal efficiencies & making investments in expansion & building production capacities and to further penetrate in the global makret. Obviously it is showing its preparedness to meet the challenges.


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